Oh My God

2011-04-15 19:43:42 by Groovemastercox

How does this scouting thing work? How do people see my work at all if it's not in the art portal...

Also, I'm busy making gamesssss....

Oh My God

Still Trucking

2009-05-15 21:54:20 by Groovemastercox

Just working on a game right now. These things never go as fast as I'd like them to, especially considering my motivation problem. TOFA at albinoblacksheep.com is coming up soon, though, and hopefully that'll help. Life is getting pretty stressful as I get ready to make the transition to college. Hopefully it'll be a smooth one.

Meanwhile I've got an itchy tablet finger and I've been working on some static art. You can check it out here I'm Disappointed in You. Good ol' Photoshop.

Have a nice day.

So many ideas so little time and/or motivation!

2009-03-08 19:31:07 by Groovemastercox

Alright so I've got two great animation ideas and two great game ideas, and of course I have many many other mediocre ideas. I've got so many ideas it's making it nearly impossible for me to focus on just one of them. If I were a lemur none of this would matter, but i'm not, so what the hell am I going to do?

I need the equivalent of blinders for animators. Do they make those? I bet it would be a lot easier if somebody were paying me by the hour. Anyone interested? No? Okay. Thanks a lot. All I ever find myself doing is watching other people's animations when I should be working on my own. So hey, Newgrounds animators, I would appreciate it if you just stopped submitting for a couple days. Do you think you can manage that? No? Okay. Thanks a lot.

Well I guess I'm just making excuses. Anyways, don't anybody forget me while I'm not releasing things, and if you never knew me then don't worry about it. I suppose when TOFA at albinoblacksheep.com starts again I'll be forced to get things done. Also, I'm trying to fix up my old blog and stuff, so feel free to drop in from time to time.
Cool. See ya.

Oh oh oh wait, a picture of a game I've been working on.

So many ideas so little time and/or motivation!


2008-11-08 15:20:39 by Groovemastercox

Although I have a lot of ideas for new animations, I've decided to take a break from animation and try my hand in coding. I've got a game coming along, and if I can figure out all the little details involved it should turn out pretty sweet. I've got most of the foundation of the game done, and now I'm working on some more complicated stuff to spice it up. Wish me luck.


2008-07-13 01:16:26 by Groovemastercox

Well the TOFA competition at albinoblacksheep has been taking up most of my summer so far. I've made two animations for it and I'm about to make another. I'm trying to get to a point where I can just bust out a relatively good quality animation in a week or less. It all depends on motivation though I suppose.

School :(

2008-04-06 22:23:47 by Groovemastercox

Can't work on anything because I just don't have the time right now. I can't wait until summer.

I'm sick of this part being empty...

2008-03-13 04:21:09 by Groovemastercox

Got something on the way, be excited...

Not another ninja movie yet though... :(

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