Entry #7

Oh My God

2011-04-15 19:43:42 by Groovemastercox

How does this scouting thing work? How do people see my work at all if it's not in the art portal...

Also, I'm busy making gamesssss....

Oh My God


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2011-04-15 20:12:52

There's an option to view unscouted submissions to the art portal.

Groovemastercox responds:

Aah, thank you kmau.


2011-04-15 21:37:28

The scouting system is made to keep people from spamming the Art Portal with crap.

You'll just need to wait for an art mod or someone who is scouted to scout your art. Whining about not being scouted will just make them assume you're just another amateur and ignore you.

Groovemastercox responds:

Thanks Chdonga, I was just wondering how it works so I know I'm doing all I can.


2011-04-16 00:40:19

Yeah, it's a little annoying before you get in the art portal. I had four artworks uploaded, and wondered when on earth I would get scouted. It might have been days or weeks. It felt like weeks.

I got scouted once, then the person who scouted me got banned from the art portal, and I was also unscouted.

After a while, I got four or five people offering to scout me all at the same time.


2011-04-16 12:34:32

You see, I've got groove!